How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home – 10 Tips and Tricks

How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home? Our nails, like our hands, are an inevitable cover letter that says a lot about our image and our personal care. Therefore, just as we strive to apply moisturizing creams to our faces, conditioners to our hair, or exfoliants to our entire body, we must include caring for our nails in our regular beauty routine.

How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home

10 Tips and Tricks to Have Healthy and Beautiful Nails

With this care, you will get the nails to stop being yellowish, to open in layers, or to break at the slightest touch. Take note of How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home:

“Feed” your Nails

The first thing to keep in mind is that diet greatly influences the appearance of our nails. A disease or a serious vitamin deficiency can be reflected in our nails in a very obvious way.

In general, the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A and B is recommended, so if you have brittle nails, you should start by increasing the presence in your diet of cereals, brewer’s yeast, tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, nuts, almonds, crustaceans, and fish. Likewise, a balanced consumption of dairy products is recommended, which provides the necessary calcium to show off healthy and strong nails.

Protect them from Moisture and Aggression

Always wear gloves to scrub, not only to avoid damaging the polish but also because keeping your nails in constant contact with moisture and soap causes them to deteriorate and even fungus to appear. In addition, use gloves for all tasks that involve an attack on your nails, such as gardening, DIY, and crafts with aggressive products.

Moisturize the nails

Nails also need their dose of hydration to be healthy and strong. For this, I recommend a gesture as simple as baths in olive oil. Leave the nails to soak for 5 minutes and then massage them to absorb the nutrients as well as possible. If you also want to harden them, apply a few drops of castor oil.

Below You Will Also Discover How To Make Your Own Nourishing Nail Mask With A Very Simple Recipe.

Take Care of your Cuticles

Usually, the cuticles are the great forgotten. Just like you condition your hands from time to time, you should condition your cuticles. For this reason, I advise you that whenever you apply moisturizing cream to your hands, you also extend it over the cuticles, giving a small massage.

Also, when you go to get a manicure, you should moisturize your cuticles with some oil (commercial or homemade) to soften them and be able to shape them without damaging yourself. Never cut them unless you detect some skin or hangnails. Just push them once hydrated with the help of an orange stick or a cotton swab dipped in oil. Do it by drawing small circles with which you gradually remove them. This will prepare the surface for the manicure and leave them well-conditioned.

Cut the Nails

Although it is preferable to use the file than the scissors, you can cut your nails if they are too long and you no longer want to wear them that way. Always do it with appropriate scissors or nail clippers and follow the shape of the cuticle, which will be the natural shape of your nails. The best time to do it without much effort is when we get out of the shower because the nails are softer.

How to File Them

Use a cardboard file, preferably a metal one, so as not to leave splinters. To make filing less aggressive, soak your hands in warm water with a little soap for a few minutes. This way, we will manage not to attack the layers of the nail too much.

File from one side to the other, always following the same direction and with long, smooth strokes. Never file back and forth. At the ends, pass the line slightly diagonally, connecting the movement with the rest of the edge of the nail. To remove any loose debris, run the file vertically from top to bottom along the edge of the nail, moving in one direction only.

Whiten Nails at Home

If your nails have yellowed and you want to whiten them, you can do it from time to time by dipping them in lemon juice.
As you know, the application of colored nail polishes can yellow the nail. To avoid this, you should always use a protective base enamel before the color lacquer. Also, if your nails have yellowed and you want to clean them, you can do it from time to time by dipping them in lemon juice. Massages with a paste made with lemon, bicarbonate of soda, and olive oil also work as bleaches. Likewise, if you soak your nails in milk with lemon juice for a few minutes daily, you will see that they whiten.

Nail Makeup Removal

When removing your nail polishes, always choose soft products without acetone because these weaken the keratin of the nails and dry them out. It will take longer to remove the lacquer with these nail polish removers, but it will always benefit the health of your nails.

Let them Breathe

Although you love to see your nails decorated, from time to time, it is convenient to let them breathe naturally, without even treated enamels. Also, try not to paint them and remove make-up more than once a week so as not to mistreat them excessively. If you do, use a non-acetone nail polish remover and always protect your nails from colored lacquers with suitable quality bases that include a strengthening treatment.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Nails

There are three homemade ingredients that are eminently beneficial for our nails:  garlic, which strengthens the nails and prevents the appearance of fungus, and olive oil, which nourishes them. And lemon juice, which whitens and hardens the surface.

That is why I propose a treatment based on a homemade mask that is very easy to prepare: it consists of mixing a clove of garlic with olive oil and lemon juice, all well crushed until you get a paste. If you prefer, cook the garlic beforehand so that it softens and mixes better with the rest of the ingredients.

You can keep this mask in a clean jar and apply it whenever you can. Keep in mind that there is a smell of garlic, so try to have enough margin so that you do not have to leave the house with your hands smelling of garlic.

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